09 November 2008

Young lady Nääs and the Chick with the Chess-board

This friday I visited Lina Nääs' exibition in Karlstad, Sweden. I wish you all could do the same. Amazing photos and paintings!

Invited Guest: Natalia Skobeeva

Russian born Natalia Skobeeva came to the UK in 2004 after spending the previous years in Russia, Belgium, Luxembourg, US and Bulgaria. Having obtained her first degree MA in History, Natalia is finding her path in photography working with vintage photographic techniques and cameras, tackling the themes of identity and belonging. She has recently graduated from Central St Martins College of Art and Design postgraduate certificate photography course.

I photograph “emotional algebra”. This series of cyanotypes is about lost and found identities in the times that passed or stayed. I search for truth and understanding, for the reasons and consequences, inside and outside. I am trying to portrait the psychological states, the inner worlds in which we chose to live or sometimes hide in. I wish to speak about loneliness, sadness, happiness, despair, ecstasy, courage and puzzles of life that do or do not come together.
My models might be lost in time, space or within themselves but I do believe in the happy ending.

Natalia has an upcoming solo exhibition at the Viewfinder Photography Gallery, Linear House, Greenwich in London between 21st November 2008-4th January 2009

More of Natalia's work can be found on her website

Photos by Natalia Skobeeva
Invited by Darren Hepburn

The forest


Layer Work