03 June 2007


Hi Jeanne, do you recognize this place?

invited guest: Arkadiusz Gola - Karmańskie 2003

Last year of life of urban workers district called Karmańskie (Ruda Śląska, Upper Silesia, Poland).
Now, thru the place where they and their grandparents born and lived for a century, goes modern express way. Despite demolition works inhabitants of Karmańskie were trying to keep the contact with this place and keep up appearances of normality.
That street, that world survived just on Arek’s photographs. Nobody before felt like photographing those people, nobody after had a chance.

Arek Gola, Silesian journalist and photographer, who was already F blog guest, assisted with his camera to those people who suddenly lost their place on earth.

Those pictures are just part of big project, for me, one of most touching documents I’ve seen for ling time. Some of those pictures are harsh but true.
Invited by Marcin Górski

Sgt. Pepper celebrations

Listen to this documentary on BBC about the Sgt. Pepper's
Lonely Heart Club Band released 40 years ago.