17 July 2009

The Malmoe Fence

the fence in Malmoe

The fence-exhibitions are getting very popular in Sweden these days. This time it's the Image group Agitera who's arranging an exhibition in Malmoe. They sent us the following information:
(PS. make sure to read the last part if you like the work of Agitera)

"Press release
Re: The Malmoe Fence

When: August 29, 2009

Where: Folkets Park, Malmoe

Who: 140 photographers (first come, first serve)

Organizers: Agitera – Image Group in collaboration with Galleri Format
Website: http://planket2009.blogspot.com
Sign up: planket@agitera.com

History: Last year, the members of Agitera Image Group were asked to carry Malmöplanket on. Then, Jonna at Format called, and a collaboration seemed only natural This year, the location of Malmöplanket has moved to Folkets Park.
Saturday, August 29, the photo exhibit Malmöplanket kicks off its second year. The purpose of the exhibit is to get images from an array of different branches of photography into public space. The fence is a place for meetings, not only between photographers, but also between photographers and the public; an office party open to the public, if you will. About

Agitera: The idea of an image group came about sometime around the beginning of the new millennium and was realized in the fall of 2003 when an official organization was formed at our first meeting, at Ölcafeét in Malmoe.
Our first project, the exhibit Bilder från Bitola- Macedonija (Images from Bitola, Macedonia), brought several communities together. Young and old, Swedes and immigrants; together they contemplated another reality. They shared grief, anger, tears, and laughter. This other reality, the contrast our images constitute in relation to peoples’ lived realities, is important to us. The success of our previous exhibits shows that the images are not only important to us, but also to many others. Over the years, Agitera has produced multiple exhibits, both traditional and of the “fence type”. It is important to us to show the image outside of conventional exhibition locales. To make the image accessible to those who might not go out of their way to see an exhibit. In essence, taking the image to the people. We have formed collaborations with organizations, institutions and businesses; the Nordic Council of Ministers, Kulturen Museum in Lund, LaLoge Gallery in Paris, Aluma Magazine, and Lexter Sound Productions, to name a few.

Agitera is currently going through an expansionary phase and looking to recruit interesting photographers to the image group. Our goal is to grow slowly, and our rule is to only accept two new members every fiscal year.

the Agitera Image Group

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