22 September 2008

La settimana italiana / Italian week: Lunedi

Guido Castagnoli - Provincial Japan

The series of photos, titled Provincial Japan, were taken in the Shizuoka prefecture in spring 2007. The work explores the urban landscape of small towns and challenges the stereotypes people have of contemporary urban Japan. Far removed from the caos of the megalopolis as well as from the minimalism often associated with Japanese culture, these photos portray a surrealistic landscape where excess and the bizzarre naturally merge with an atmosphere of quiet and refined suspension. All the photos were taken using an 8x10 inches large format camera.

Guido Castagnoli
After reciving his diploma in Advertising Graphics and Comunication, Castagnoli began his professional career as art director of a prominent advertising agency in Milan. His interest in photography began when he shot his first images using an old family-owned Leica. During the following years, he left his position at the advertising company to devote himself entirely to photography. He currently works as a freelance photographer, mainly in the advertising sector. His work have been exhibited in pubblic and private institution in Italy, Germany, England and Japan.
Was born in Turin, Italy in 1976. He lives and works in Genoa. Is represented by Sasha Wolf Gallery, New York City.

invited by Joanna Kinowska