01 September 2009

about photography

"Lately I've been struck with how I really love what you can't see in a photograph."

- Diane Arbus

Wystawa Kamili Kulik: Karolina

Wernisaż: 3.09.09, 19.30

Galeria Pionova, Olejarna 2, Gdańsk.

Wystawa otwarta do 25.09.09

about photography

"To the vast majority of people a photograph is an image of something within their direct experience: a more-or-less factual reality. It is difficult for them to realize that the photograph can be a source of experience, as well as the reflection of spiritual awareness of the world and self. The painters have done little to dispel the impression of their superiority in the creative graphic fields; they point with scorn (and often correctly) to the shallow "storytelling" aspects of photography, and they also disapprove of photographers who attempt superficial "abstract" or "no-objective" effects within the limits of photographic processes. To a large majority a photograph bears the same relationship to a fine painting as a contractor-designed house does to a fine architectural creation. This situation would be ridiculous were it not so tragic. The truth is that photography is limited only by the photographers!"

- Ansel Adams, from "The Profession of Photography",
Aperture vol. 1, no 3, 1952