22 March 2008

invited guest: David Burnett

David Burnett has been photographing the world for more than 35 years. He graduated from Colorado College in 1968 (B.A. Political Science) and began working as a free lancer for Time, then Life Magazine, at first in Washington DC and Miami, and later in South Viet Nam. After two years in Vietnam, and the demise of Life weekly, he joined the French photo agency Gamma, traveling the world for their news department for two years.

In 1976 he co-founded Contact Press Images in New York, and for the the last three decades, he has traveled extensively, working for most of the major photographic and general interest magazines in the U.S. and Europe.

His awards include Magazine Photographer of the Year from the Pictures of the Year Competition, the World Press Photo of the Year, and the Robert Capa Award from the Overseas Press Club, to name but a few.

The work on this website represents an overview of published work, and yes, some of his favorite pictures which haven't yet been published.

Have a look at www.davidburnett.com

The pictures presented here are from a recent story on Orlando. "It's a weird place. Trust me.", says David. I am glad to see David´s work on the F blog. If you look at his portofolio "Measures of time" you will get some idea of his work as a photojournalist. He seems to have been everywhere. I also recommend you to read an article in New York Times where Mr Burnett explains why he has spent most of the last years lugging around a 55-year-old 4-by-5-inch Graflex Speed Graphic camera, complete with tripod. NYT Article

All pictures©David Burnett
invited by ulf fågelhammar

Postcard from: Rome

Dodge This
Rome, Italy
Photo: Mirko Caserta

Trees (74)

Photo: Malin Hellesø