12 November 2007

invited guest: Terje Hellesø (part one)


self portrait


Terje Hellesø has been working as a nature photographer since 1983. His wife, Malin Hellesø also works as a photographer. Terje has published several books with his photographs and thoughts about Nature photography. One of his latest projects is ”My Year” – containing 365 pictures – one picture each day of the year. The project has been presented in a major exhibition already visited by 70 000 people. Terje Hellesø has published over 5 000 pictures through the years in various magazines all around the world. Just one word from me: Respect! invited by ulf fågelhammar

Roe Deer


European Ash (Fraxinus excelsior)

More pictures by Terje Hellesø on www.helleso.com
and stay tuned for part two of the pictures Terje selected for the F Blog.