30 November 2006

Another autumn

Co2 is not mentioned in the Law.

Well, God save the Law, or maybe not? It is a human thing.

Suing the Federal Govt and the EPA for not implementing any Co2 regulations is probably a good thing.

But the discussion turns into Kafkasque reasoning whether Co2 is "natural" or not??

I think it is good Nature gets a helping hand!
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Invited guest: Markus Jenemark

- Lost souls
It's a pleasure to invite Markus Jenemark to the F-blog. His picture has always been an inspiration to me. Markus says "In my photographs I try to capture some kind of feeling, whether it´s my own or somebody else´s. I think it´s essential to keep trying to be personal and to let my emotional state show in my pictures. I believe it´s best not to think too much, not to plan a photo in advance, but to be spontaneous and seize the moment. Hopefully my photos speak for themselves, because I have a hard time writing about them!"
See more of his work at his own site and at photopoints!
All photographs by Markus Jenemark. Invited by Anders Blomqvist.

silesian songs (in technicolour)

Gruppo F inbox: inclusion

©Ulla Larsson
What about me?
Be included, but feel excluded.

invited guest: Agnieszka Gomolla

In my pictures I am trying to catch the moments, which pass faster than eye blink. My pictures are closest to my heart seconds, kept longer then burst of light under the eyelid. At least, I hope so….

Usually my pictures are B&W, because this is the simplest way for me to express my thoughts. In black and white – it is easier then to choose the colours to the moments stored in memory…as I wished to remember them.

Normally I photograph people, mostly children. I am fond on play with form and light, but most of all with the framing.
I am showing to you my DREAMS - illustrations to my thoughts and dreams. That what I dreamt and that what I’d like to dream.

Dreams are in colour. Always.

Even the sorrow has it’s colours. Don’t even mention dreams of happiness.
I use different gear. DREAMS were created with use of aged, older then me, MF but very simple camera (Druh – MG). All of my dreams were registered on negatives.

Agnieszka "Dzimella" Gomolla is based in Gliwice (PL) architect, photographer and poetress. She believes in real photography, showing rarely her work in internet. I am grateful she agreed to share her dreams with us. Agnieszka is one of the strongest pillars of photographic group Precel - most active photoclub in Gliwice. More of her works you can find here

Invited by Marcin Górski.