16 June 2008

invited guest: Anders Petersen

In the early 1990's I discovered Anders Petersen's photo book titled Café Lehmitz (first printed in 1978), a documentary of the "regulars" in a bar near the Reeperbahn, Hamburg, Germany. The intimate black and white photographs in the book couldn't leave my mind. It is still one of those books that I can look at for hours. And I am not alone. Without a doubt Café Lehmitz is an important part of the history of photography (look here for some pictures from the book).

Since the 1970's Petersen has published several fascinating photobooks. Besides Café Lehmitz, I can strongly recommend, Anders Petersen – Photographs 1966–1996 and Du mich auch.

It is a real pleasure to present Anders Petersen as an invited guest to the F blog. The pictures below are from his upcoming photo book, Frenchkiss. Stay tuned to the F blog for more information about the book! According to me, this is photography at its best.

- Fredrik Skott

All photographs © Anders Petersen

These cities are illusions of some triumph over Nature's laws

How to not treat your negatives

After touching them all over with your greasy fingers and manhandling them while trying to fit them into the scanner - make sure to put them dangerously close to your coffee to get those nice blue streaks across the picture.

Bus Shelter: Odenplan

Photographer: Mattia Marchi

bus shelter: Stockholm