15 May 2007


picture by Ulla Larsson

It's just the nearness of you

invited guest: Mariusz Forecki - BlueBox

BlueBox is TV technique, which uses blue background. Person filmed at this background is then digitaly cropped out and pasted into totally new reality.
For many years we lived in well known world. And suddenly, everything had changed.

I am honoured to present Mariusz Forecki - one of most important Polish photographers, person who writes subjective chronicles of Polish transformation.

Mariusz Forecki is interested in social photography. He documents the changes of Polish reality since 1990. Mariusz realized many projects: New religions in Polnd – Krishna belivers, New wonderful world, Close to us, BlueBox and Outside Paradise.
Mariusz work was many times noticed and awarded in most important in Poland contests (several times Polish Press Photo, Newsweek, etc…) and by most important photographic institutions.
Mariusz works at self-created TAMTAM Agency.

Rest of Blue Box series you may find here.

Invited by Marcin Górski supported by Staszek Heyda