13 September 2007

invited guest: Mike Peuker - Istanbul

I met Mike's pictures accidentaly today, after not seing for months. His works from Istanbul simply charmed me. I am happy Mike agreed to present them here.

With all Istanbul pics I only show people I became acquaintent with first! So.. what I did was to linger in the streets of Istanbul with none or at least very few tourists. Always looking for a possibility to strike up a conversation. Due to the great hospitality of the Turks more often then not it wasn't that difficult. Some words some tea and the aloofness was broken on both sides. When I finally asked to take a picture from my chance acquaintanceship everyone felt honoured, nobody turned my wish down. Great people there!!

Street Photography, portrait and reportage in analog black and white , that's what I'm mainly interested in!I don't follow special rules I try to do it my way. At the end it is essential for me to be satisfied. Fortunately it's not a job rather a passion, that makes me free! Needless to say that I'm pleased if there is someone who likes my work!

more of Mike pictures you will find here

invited by Marcin Górski