01 April 2007

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Too Much Telly


The Empires will fall. But don´t worry dear citizen. Just stay cool and remember
to hold on to your hat.
- by Ulf Fågelhammar

Outsider Art

Picture by Darren Hepburn

about knitting, the umbrella man and a congress in Budapest

Rabbit nurse (or was it Nurse rabbit?) brought up the subject of knitting.
I remember from the 1970s back here in Sweden when you could see young
men in beards sitting around knitting sweaters or whatever. It was some kind
of progressive stuff.
But as you, dear F-blog addict already know, there is
nothing new under the sun.
And we have photographs to prove it. Have a look
at the picture above showing Richard Girard, C. H. Shumacher, and
John F. Lydiard knitting with Mrs. Minona S. Jones assisting at the Woman
Suffrage, Race Betterment Association. This was back in 1911.
(DN-0009369, Chicago Daily News negatives collection,
Chicago Historical Society)

If you get interested in this stuff, dont miss the site "Men who knit"
I also urge my co F-workers from Sweden to share some stuff about the Progg
movement - a phenomenon that occured in the 1970:s.

Well, here is the mystery of the week. The umbrella man. The seventh
International Woman Suffrage Congress was held in Budapest,
June 15th-20th in the year of 1913. Rosika Scwimmer wrote in the
material provided to the delegates:

"We beg to give note of the following incident: When the Town Council
was considering the contribution one of the Councillors most vehemently
objected that the City of Budapest should neither financially nor morally
support the Congress and show any sympathy with the “window-smashing
Suffragettes,” which he said is beneath the dignity of the city.

(Picture from the Budapest Congress)

The arguments of this gentleman were at once severely rebuked by other
Councillors, amongst whom were two Members of Parliament and a Professor
on the Technology of Budapest (the latter is the vice-president of the Men’s
League for Woman Suffrage), and finally by the Lord Mayor of the city,
Dr. Stephen von Barczy, who is an ardent supporter of our cause, and who
said that he will be most happy to welcome the Congress in Budapest, because
this movement must be promoted by all just men, and that the righteousness
of the cause is affirmed by the intellectual élite of the civilised world which
is connected with the movement. After this the amount unanimously was granted."

But let´s talk about the umbrella man. Have a real close look at this picture
showing Franciska Schwimmer with Swedish (!) young people. Who is the man
hiding in the back? What is he doing? This is weird. (Picture from the Budapest
Congress 1913)

A great site: Triptych