23 January 2007

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Invited guest: Gabor Pal

I proudly introduce to you - Gabor Pal - "the master of digital remastering". Gabor aka "Radikalis Vertikalis is a young hungarian student who creates his photographic artworks in a surrealistic tradition using only digital technique. I came across his portfolio some time ago and was quite taken with the mix of vivid images I found.

"As for me photography and manipulation are going together. Digital technique is a great way to reanimate spirit and to move it into a higher level of conciousness."
/Gabor Pal

Invited by Helena Nilsson


Waiting for endofuture

Welcome to the dollhouse

Where shore splits

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The winter arrived at last

.....and the winter arrived at last. The white big reflection surface which all children can play with, the feeling of cold air biting the cheeks, the patterns on windows.... I saw this when i was in a hurry but i couldn´t pass...

and the winner is...Solo!

This picture - called "Solo" - just recently was awarded "best picture"
by YFO It was shot outside the museum of modern art in Barcelona in
February 2006 with a slow, old Canon PowerShot Pro 1. The picture is not
staged. I was lucky to see this guy passing by with the umbrella.
Apparently you need luck to be succesful...

-Ulf Börjesson

photographer©Ulf Börjesson

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pictures by ©Darren Hepburn