30 November 2007


Well this cat did not like to move around. It happened back in the 1980's, but moving felines on the blog tonight made me remember old Simson.
Thanks Lina for the html-job. Flowers are on its way to Sollerön city.

feline magic

Photographer: © Malin Hellesø, 2001

Ein Tivoli

Photographer: ©Bengt Björkbom, 1968 - 1969

29 November 2007

invited guest: Leszek Kowalski

Selfthought photograper. Leszek is connected with photography Since 1997. Founder of Jedrzejow Photographic Association joining amateur photographers from this part of Poland. He organizes and participates in several photo actions (exhibitions, meetings, contests) per year.
Leszek specializes in portrait and lomoscape photography.
Since July 2007 member of ZPAF (Polish Association of Fine Art Photographers).

You will find more of his works at his web site.
invited by Marcin Górski

The Sixties revisited

The Sixties. Bengt Björkbom´s pictures takes me on a ride through this swirling decade. This is no nonsense photography. I can´t get enough of it. /ulf

stories of decay





Photographer: © Malin Hellesø

28 November 2007

Jacek Gąsiorowski: Warsaw Central

café - from Rhonda

Photographer: Rhonda Prince

The Cure

Doctor F: Hmm..looks like you are affected by DHS..or maybe GFS...
Patient: Is it serious??
Dr F: Oh yes...
Patient: But...is there no cure??
Dr F: Oh yes...a spoonful of F will cure you!

The Photographer

Gunnar Smoliansky
Picture by Bengt Björkbom

27 November 2007

el mia coffee

Picture by Benny Persson
An "emergency" coffee at the Elmia fair. Expensive too, says Benny.

invited guest: Malin Hellesø

The window




I met Malin and her photography about five years ago. Her great talent and ability to communicate was striking although she then had only been creating pictures for a year or so. I am truly glad to see Malin as a guest on the F Blog. /ulf




"The photography of Malin is all about her personal feelings. Her pictures invite you to look behind the surface, the superficial."


Westlunds skor

Red Arrow


Late Brunch

Photographer: Ed Hahn

25 November 2007

Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles

Photographer: Ulla Larsson

Tarnowskie Gory

Photographer: Grzegorz Lizurek
This is corner in old Silesian town Tarnowskie Gory, Poland.

having coffee

coffee and cigarette

Zingo and coffee
Photographer: Bengt Björkbom

behind curtains

Photographer: Ulla Larsson

Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

Photographer: Jan Buse

Nils at Café Valand

This picture is also taken at café valand.

24 November 2007

Latvia, Helsinki, Moscow

Bauska, Latvia 2007.


Cafe Mockba, Helsinki 2007.

Not strictly a café but a quiet refreshments lounge at the Millionaire
Fair, Moscow 2006.

A coffee kiosk in an underground passage, Moscow 2006.

All pictures by: Henrik Duncker