23 August 2008

They That Are Left

"For the past 5 years on Remembrance day I have been shooting portraits of veterans, the portraits are all shot in the same style, crop etc, I am aiming to keep shooting it for at least another 5 years. The project is based around the concept of The Unknown Soldier.

Each year they are older, and as they do indeed grow old, as age does weary them and as the years do now condemn them more to what they still remember than to our truly remembering what they fought for (which is very simple : us), they thus become unknown.

These faces then are as of unknown soldiers : no cap badges, no ribbons of spooling medals,no insignia for military rank. Faces, only. Each deep-etched with who they are and what they did, that we might look, and think -- and thank them."
Text and photos © Brian David Stevens
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Photo: Szymon Kochanski (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

Face to Face (183)

Photographer: Anton Olin

Face to face (182)

Photo: Alek Lindus

extremely urgent

Photo: C.K.