28 June 2010

F: feels like home.

F. Falenica. the last district of Warsaw. circa 1km from it's end.

24 June 2010

Invited guest: Wojciech Moskal: "Park"

Wojciech Moskal: These pictures come from my early project – “The Park” which has been taken for 18 months in the most famous and biggest park of Warsaw. This is also my diploma of European Academy of Photography.

23 June 2010

Invited guest: Wojciech Moskal

Wojciech Moskal: The rough industrial landscape of Sosnowiec, the place I grew up in, had a big impact on my visual perception. Perhaps that’s why it’s natural for me to see the world as a b&w picture. When I look at the city I see the unique poetry of it – people going about their everyday business, empty spaces full of mute emotions, hidden, abstract gems go unnoticed as we pass them by. In my pictures I attempt to capture Warsaw with and without make-up – this is what has captivated me from the beginning. I hope to convey the emotions that I felt while taking these pictures.

Invited guest: Daniel T. Braun

ID no.8, 2008, ca. 80x115cm, Lambda-Print, 2+1 AP

Crackling Palm, 2003, ca.170x106cm, Rocketogram/Colorphotogram, unique

Shoot No.3/after H. Edgerton, 2006, ca. 110x140cm, c-print, 2+1AP

AP1, 2009, ca. 180x240cm, C-Print, 2+1 AP

Rafael Shafir, 2006, ca. 180x130cm, Rocketogram / Color-Photogram, unique

Bl no.6, 2008, ca. 100x120cm, C-Print, 2+1 AP
Daniel T. Braun a young german emerging artist uses the media of photography in different ways.Sometimes he builds a model or sculpture to photography, sometimes the picture is the result of a performative act, near in the manner of an action paintimg, like burning rockets on photographic paper at night ( " Rocketogrames "). For more information visit his vuluminous website: http://www.daniel-tobias-braun.de/