25 February 2008


Photo: laan (aka Gyula Fazakas)

the ülmercott standard lens

This is of course the well known Ülmercott Dr.T4o lens. I just wanted to show you this, if you want to compare it to the picture taken with the rare Ülmercott Dr.T2 lens. What the picture is about? Hey, don´t try to get sophisticated with me! I am testing lenses!/ Dr.U

Face to Face (81)

one more from the oldies

Lens test

I am testing the very rare Ülmercott DR.t2 lens. More pictures will come. I will also publish some huge enlargements of the dark parts of the picture just to show you how this quality lens manage to find details that nobody knew was there (and nobody cared about). Amazing stuff. So, stay tuned for more. /DR.u

the night around me

Photo: Viktor Gårdsäter