29 October 2006

Guest: Gerry Johansson

One of the most strange, fascinating and beautiful photobooks I have ever seen is "Sverige" (Sweden) by Gerry Johansson, published in 2005. It is a really outstanding and very inspiring book by a highly creative photographer. Therefore, I was really happy that Gerry accepted my invitation to the F blog and I am honoured to present some of his pictures here.

About his work Gerry says: "I photograph what I find beautiful. That can include both a run-down 1970s urban scene and a romantic rural landscape. My pictures can be seen as a counterweight to the dystopic portrayal of our world in mass media."

The photographs below are from his ongoing exhibition "Landsbygd" (Countryside) at Nordiska museet in Stockholm. You can see the exhibition now and it ends in January 7, 2007. For more information, please look here.

Invited by Fredrik Skott.

Huaröd, Skåne, 1989. Photo: Gerry Johansson.

Godegård, Halland, 1989. Photo: Gerry Johansson.

Brunnskog, Halland, 1989. Photo Gerry Johansson.

Veinge, Halland, 1989. Photo: Gerry Johansson.


F said...

Yes, I have your book "Sverige" and it has been a great inspiration for me. Love your work, great photography!


Markus said...
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F said...

*sorry, had to remove my last comment since I didn't know how to edit it.*

It's such an honour to see your photos here. I also love the book "Sverige" and was very impressed by the exibition at Skeppsholmen. The photo from my hometown Karlskoga is one of my favourites.

Looking forward to see Landsbygd aswell

Anonymous said...

this is essence of emanating from swedish photography haiku mood (now I understand better why sushi became your national food). Love this simplicity of means and forms forming impactful images

F said...

I was with Markus at Fotografins hus in Skeppsholmen and saw your impressive exhibition. Many of those pictures are still in my mind.
I am glad to see you here. It´s a true pleasure!

Jeanette said...

e to see Gerry´s work here and the photos are great of course. I really like his thought that "i photographs what i find beautiful" ..... beauty often has a limited field in "our" minds.


F said...

Great to see your work here on the F blog, Gerry. Especially great to see this new work, not yet published in any book (as far as I know). Makes me sad that I can not go to Stockholm to see it before the exhibition ends.

What about the book you mentioned at the Gothenburg book fair (when signing a book for me) that was due out some time with photos from Kvidinge? Is it still on? Next year Kvidinge (my hometown, that is) turns 700 years old - a great time to publish your book, Gerry!

J. S-g.

F said...

Thanks for sharing with us, Gerry! I agree about the "Sverige" pictures: They made a great impression on me at Fotografins hus. In addition, your work in Antarctica is outstanding. Nice to see someone carry a LF all the way down...
- Abeku

F said...

Have for a long time admired your work Gerry.
There´s a stillness that appeals me so much and it´s really great to see you here!


F said...

Yes, thank you for participating on the F blog. As you know from my introduction I really like your pictures. Few if any pictures of nowaday Sweden have made such impact on me!
/ F. Skott

F said...

Beautiful work, Gerry, and I am pleased, too, to find it here on the F Blog. It's my first glimpse at your vision of the world around you, and I like it very much.

I will go looking for more now!


chrisw1r said...

Welcome to this corner of the Internet, Gerry. Happy to see you here indeed.

F said...

Great photography...with that special feel for the countryside.

I love this.