23 September 2006

homemade everything!

photo: Jeanne Wells

Here's some fun. This is a print made on liquid emulsion
I made myself, developed in two developers I made myself.
I did not make the paper myself though! I like the funky
quality, and since I am not comfortable with photographing
things bigger than my head, it's nice to print them in a
way that makes them feel more like they are my own
than, say, Ansel Adams'.


note: I'm trying to comment on Tom's photo below
(How to be a woodpecker), but cannot. Does anyone have
any idea why? At any rate, Tom, it's a wonderful photograph


F said...

I get lost in the puddle
beneath the tree
Wonderful Jeanne!

F said...

I get lost in the whole picture, wonderful mood!

F said...

I like it alot. I see drivingtrails leading up too the puddle...as something has traveled thru there.


F said...

I feel like at home in this tender and timeless landscape. Counting the days...

- Tom