01 December 2006

invited Guest: Gerry Johansson

Once again I am proud to present some of Gerry Johansson’s photographs on The F Blog. Below is four pictures from his book Sverige (Sweden, published 2005). Sverige is collection of photographs of Swedish cities and according to me a very fascinating photobook. As I earlier have written Gerry says about his pictures:

I photograph what I find beautiful. It might be a run-down part of the city put up in the seventies, or it may be a romantic landscape view of the countryside. I see my pictures as counterbalancing the images of doom and destruction propagated by the mass media.

Please also look at Gerry Johansson’s other pictures on the blog and also at his own homepage. This serie is also to be continued at The F Blog.

Brålanda © Gerry Johansson.

Charlottenberg © Gerry Johansson.

Höganäs © Gerry Johansson.

Malmberget © Gerry Johansson.
Invited by Fredrik Skott.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting photographs. All of them are very good. If I had to choose one it would be Höganäs, which is my favorite. Top class!

mats äleklint said...

The book "Sverige" is one of my favorite books, so its a delight to see your pictures on the f-blog again!

F said...

I must get the 'Sverige' book...must have it...

This is wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Yes Höganäs is a favourite
you create a mood there
that is seldom seen in
a photograph

Rhonda Boocock said...

I love them all...but if we are talking favorites mine is Brålanda!

F said...

Yes I agree with Rhonda...Brålanda seem to be a surprising place!

Anonymous said...

I remember the Sverige exhibition at Fotografins hus in Stockholm with great warmth. The way the photos were presented there, small prints in one single row around every wall and the place names written on the floor, is among my all time favorites - it seemed so congenial with the work itself, somehow.

Seeing a few of the images like this, makes for a new experience. I like this experience, too. The photos comes to mean different things, when viewed one and one, or only just a few at a time, than when viewed all together in a gallery or in the book. This way, the individual compositions takes a more pronounced center stage. I like it!

Jeanette said...

Hi there again! I really like those photos a lot, the mood and the way you compose them. I saw two of yours at Fotomässan as well and they where great.


Anonymous said...

I like these alot, wonderful moods.
The caravan in 'Brålanda'
really takes on a living
beeing's expression to me,
I allways love that.
Great photos.

F said...

I find this kind of photography very calm, not so much emotion involved. A bit Zen, I like that. It is beautiful in that calm kind of way.


Exposed Material said...

Yes, I remember when J.S-g. and I visited the exhibition at Fotografins Hus. The whole series and the overview of all the small villages/towns in Sweden summarised it so well, there was a context emerging from north to south, a very Swedish context. Great work, Gerry!

F said...

There is something about the compositions here that is hard to describe but I think perfect is a suitable word. I visited the exibition at Skeppsholmen aswell and was spellbound by the way you've handled the lines in the photos.


Anonymous said...

Nice to have you here again Gerry, impressive work indeed!