13 December 2006

State of War in Poland - 25th anniversary

A dark era in Polish history

25 years ago on Sunday 13th of December communistic junta directed
by general Jaruzelski announced martial law in Poland. The darkest era
in modern Polish history cost the life of many people, many of others
were imprisoned and tortured, all of the nation was oppressed and
humiliated for years (officially until 1983 – unofficially until 1989).

This difficult time was documented in photography by brave people as
Krzysztof Raczkowiak and many others – risking their life.

Krzysztof Raczkowiak documented “events in Lubin” (31.08.1982) when
the government used fire arms against the manifestation of Solidarity.
Three of the participants were killed, many injured. More here:

© Krzysztof Raczkowiak

The picture which could have been the be the last –
the third officer from left fired his gun a few seconds
aiming at the photographer – he missed…not much…
© Krzysztof Raczkowiak

Four people are running trying to rescue the
deadly injured Michal Adamowicz.

© Krzysztof Raczkowiak

© Krzysztof Raczkowiak

Crimes like this, and many others from the terror regime were not confronted
with justice until now. Thanks to those pictures maybe one day those who were
shooting and killing will be held responsible.

Krzystof Raczkowiak continues documenting the crime in Lubin, he collects
all of the informations (which you can find on the site http://www.lubin82.pl/,
if you have any information to share, please contact him at kr@lubin82.pl

/Marcin Górski


Anonymous said...

Thanks Marcin for introducing Krzysztof. This is a topic that really captures my interest. The Polish people have really suffered a lot during the last century, under the era of the nazis followed by the communists. Being a young lad by then, I remember Wałęsa and Solidarność very well: How brave the Polish people were when they stood up against a regime that was backed up heavily by the Kremlin.
Krzysztof pictures are a reminder of those days and the victims but also a tribute to the possibility of change even when a situation seems hopeless.
Thanks for sharing Krzysztof!

Anonymous said...

I am truly thankful Marcin for inviting Krzystof to show us these classic and important pictures.
I remember being outside the Polish embassy in Stockholm screaming in support of the Polish people.
I also remember some of the pictures from that time as shown here.
Photography matters. These pictures show us why.
Many thanks Krzysztof!

Jeanette said...

Yes marcin, thanks for introducing and thanks Krzysztof for sharing!!!


Anonymous said...

A very good documentation of this dark era in Poland, powerful and grabs me.

Marek said...

Very good post, well written.