10 January 2007

Copenhagen fish market

I know this place. Been there many times. But I never saw
these ladies with "colorful language". Well the picture is from
around 1950. I wasn´t even born.

Found at National Archives along with this text:

Copenhagen, Denmark. Copenhagen's colorful fish market is on
Strandan Canal. The retail fish sellers, usually women, occupy
places which have belonged to their families from generation
to generation. Their vending stalls are simply spots on the
sidewalk alongside the canal. The language of these women
is said to be the most colorful in Copenhagen, ca. 1948 - ca. 1955


Anonymous said...

fantastic story, and this picture tells it ;) perfect!

have i already told you - what's the main reason i like Fblog? - you keep presenting photos that are good and woth seeing, historical and nowadays. it really make people richer...!

Anonymous said...

hard to imagine looking at Nyhaven, that 50 years ago looked this way. great piece of life that has already passed