11 January 2007

"Ich bin der Fotograf mit Taschenrechner in der Hand"

When working with pictures, it's sometimes unavoidable to not think of some suitable music that create a synergy with the picture. Sometimes, the music itself may serve as the core inspiration for a series of pictures.
Quite often I've been thinking of Kraftwerk and how I would visualise their music. This is probably, one of the few examples I would go digital. After some consideration, I would even leave the real world in order to enter the virtual world. This would be in line of how Kraftwerk's music has evolved, a gradual evolution with roots in classical music history, reaching a functional, simplified, level of harmony. The technical solution is solved by the sole user and carried out by the simplest device that can be used to convey the desired effect. The tools needed are not more fancy than needed, a Pixar production would be a no-go, where as a freeware that could be used by everyone would fit in with the vision of gradual evolution.
To paraphrase Kraftwerk: "Ich bin der Fotograf mit Taschenrechner in der Hand"

Illustration carried out by using free IKEA kitchen planner software.

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