13 November 2007

invited guest: Terje Hellesø (part two)

Small Tortoiseshell (nässelfjäril)


Malva alcea (rosenmalva)

"I find my personal landscape in nature. That is where I have to be. Whether in the forest, by the coast or in the mountains – I have to be in a real landscape to get a sense of not being there. Looking for interesting motifs is not important, my main object is to reflect my own being through the images I always carry with me. It is a process of transformation. I am looking for signs in nature, signs that I need in order to create my own, personal pictures."
/Terje Hellesø


toilet on the mountain side

Arctic Tern (silvertärna)

Red-throated Diver landing (smålommen landar)

Terje Hellesø homepage (in Swedish)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Excellent photography all of them, but my heart goes to the uppermost one, it has such a desperate longing for freedom in it.