24 November 2007

A journey with Bengt

Bengt Björkbom in action

About a week ago you met photographer Bengt Björkbom and his pictures. Well, he also shared some of his thoughts about straight photography, or whatever you may call it. I think he´s got something important to tell us from his long experience as a photographer, always carrying his M Leica and a 35mm (or 16 mm lens attached). And this is the point were I manage to come up with something negative to say about this nice gentleman;...he collects cameras as well.
Bengt has been generous enough to send me many pictures from his archive - I want more! The pictures that we will publish here are from 45 years of photographing 1962-2007. So please enjoy. This is the first chapter of many more to come./ulf

All pictures ©Bengt Björkbom


Jan Buse said...

Great photography!

Anonymous said...

don´t stop til you drop
I am enjoying the journey through your archives

Anonymous said...

Så jävla fint bengt!