03 December 2007

invited guest: Emilie Hallard

Ludruk Surabaya
Ludruk Surabaya depicts a night time show in a travesty theatre in Java, Indonesia. The Ludruk are marginal and precarious places that are nowadays disappearing from the Javanese culture. Despite their poverty character, these theatres allow the artists to live their homosexuality and celebrate their taboo difference through "improvised scenes" of the daily life, where theatre, dance and song blend, where traditional and contemporary clothes are mixed, where male and female roles appear.

Emilie Hallard is a photographer from France now living in Barcelona. She is very talented - the pictures from Java are tight, strong in expression and she present us to a world unknown to most people. In this, she is not simply a cold observer, but a photographer with the essential human perspective. /ulf fågelhammar
You will find more pictures by Emilie here.


Grisza said...

Unique mood, unique point of view, exciting pictures

Anonymous said...

wonderful shots! thanks for let us see.
m. agejev

Anonymous said...

just fantastic

Lesley said...

Wonderful work