11 April 2008

(F)riday's Daily Print

Once again, it's Friday, and here's the Daily Print! I thank all the F Blog authors and readers who have been so supportive of this project. It's hard work and a lot of fun and so gratifying to see the prints going off to their homes around the world.

And also, this seems like an apt image to dedicate to our dear Urbano. He's large; he's got more energy and enthusiasm and more ideas that most of the rest of us put together. He'll say he isn't the F Blog, but he is. He keeps this place fueled, day in and day out -- and the F Blog isn't a 15 inch monitor, it's people. many many people, and he keeps us rollin rollin rollin -- amazing!

Thank you Ulf, and may you have the happiest birthday ever, and a year filled with gifts!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Now stop it. I feel embarassed, Now, all of you have to send me your birth certficates, so I can give you something in return. Seriously, whst would this place be without ell Nurses/doctors/photographers taking care of the messy Mr Urbano. ;)
Above all - this place would be nothing without all warm and generous (and a bit crazy:) ) people participating in so many wonderful ways. I have had the privile too meet almost all of you authors and I am looking forward to get to know Helena, Maga, Staszek and Yola as well) And of course the mysterious m.agejev! Thank you all!