31 May 2008

invited guest: Anna Onopiuk "Molly" (part 2)

more of Molly's works you may see in our former post
invited by Marcin Górski


Rhonda Boocock said...

I saw some of these on the website...delightful, fun, important!

Mikael said...

Amazing Photos!

cafe selavy said...

Anna, you are in a great direction. Destined for important things. Don't let up. Drive. Drive.

Anonymous said...

that is a cockroach isn´t it - well I remember a giant one in Barcelona. It was early morning Sept 11 - yes, the morning of the planes crashing into WTC.
You are a fabolous photographer, don´t stop, like mr Schmidt says.
thanks for this exciting visual ride!

br said...

amazing and beautiful photos. nice concept done very well!