06 September 2008

invited photographer:Leanne Eisen

Looking In

Why am I so compelled to glimpse into windows as I pass them by? I gain no sexual gratification from this. I am not hoping to catch some nudity in my glance upward. No. It's the quiet, mundane moments that interest me. I suppose that in some way in these quiet times there is a beautiful vulnerability about those being watched. I can arrive unannounced and take in some part of this person's private life. Maybe I can even imagine myself in their place. Do I somehow envy these people? Looking in to the windows of a home feels much like glancing into a shop window. Perhaps I am shopping for a new life.






Invited by Tatiana


Rhonda Boocock said...

wonderful, voyeuristic photos!

Exposed Material said...

Yes, I like this too!

Anonymous said...

very beautiful!
I like them so much and I understand that feeling!

Anonymous said...

Feel free to check out my website as well, if you wish. www.leanneeisen.com

Lina Nääs said...

Interesting project! Did you talk to the people before or after taking the pictures?

Leanne said...

I did. I asked them when I could come and take their photographs.
I told them to keep their curtains open on that evening, and told them to go about doing whatever they would normally be doing. I usually spent a few hours outside photographing them.