28 January 2009

Invited guest: Mette Muhli

I love silent photography, pictures that doesn’t shout for your attention but humbly invites you to explore them for yourself. The works of Gothenburg-based photographer Mette Muhli is exactly that kind of photography. I’ve had a look in her wonderful artist’s book “nära hem-netoli namu", (wich translates to Close to home in English) and would like to share the experience with you. /markus

Mette writes:

"alone and cold little town. sweet sweet melodies in my ears snow falling.

"nära hem-netoli namu" is a series of 54 photographs and an artists' book shot in the coastal town of Palanga, Lithuania, during the off-season period in 2006 when the photographer fell in love with the silent surroundings."


invited by Markus Andersson


Exposed Material said...

I'm very happy to see these pictures again! Beautiful stuff, Mette!

joanna said...

fabulous space, fantastic "air" inside. wow! thanks for sharing!

Jan Buse said...

Great images, very fine tuned. And a lot of intersting stuff on your web site.

Anonymous said...

Superb photography, deep in my soul !!!


Mette Muhli said...

thanks for warming words on a cold day

Chris said...

Excellent work, love the cars stuck in some kind of eternity!