08 September 2009

about photography

"All photography is propaganda"

-Martin Parr


Jan Buse said...

Well, I don´t agree with that. Interesting though.

joanna said...

interesting, but it's too little to explain anything...



Jan Buse said...

Thank´s for the comment Joanna.
And you´re right,and there´s more to read on the issue, of course.

But, for the record: I´m not trying to explain anything with the quotes.

But if they can function as a way of further investigation, ways broaden the view on photography, that would be a good thing I think.

joanna said...

sure it's not always for telling all. but they were still saying too little. for an investigation i would love to have not just one fact but what somebody really thinks of it, and then would you care to find out more?
still, i'm a big fan of these quots here!!! thank Jan!!