21 February 2007

Invited guest: Peter de Ru

Boatsman in Waalhaven

Peter de Ru benutzt die Kamera als ein Instrument, um die Vorposten
Welt zu erkunden. Es ist eine der Eigenheiten der magischen Linse
und der
Emulsion, solche Spuren sammeln und sichern zu können.
- Peter Cornell

I first met Peter about four or five years ago. There was not much time
to talk about photography, but I remember him showing me the book
with pictures from Rotterdam. I was struck by the great quality of
Peter´s work and his pictures stayed with me a long time. So, by pure
accident, we happened to meet in Stockholm the other day. I told
Peter about The F Blog and he agreed to participate with a series
of pictures.

I am glad to be able to show some of his work here.

Peter was a student at the almost legendary Christer Strömholm´s
Photo School (Fotoskolan) from 1971-73.

At the exhibition "Christer Strömholm - Lebenswerk und Fotoschule"
in Berlin 2003
Peter de Ru was one the former students at Fotoskolan
who exhibited their work
along with Strömholms pictures. The others
were Anders Petersen, Gunnar Smoliansky, Dawid, Kenneth Gustavsson
and Ulla Lemberg.

The exhibition was a great success and the newpaper Tagesspiegel called
it the most important
in Berlin during the spring of 2003.

Back to the pictures from Rotterdam. And back to a text by Peter Cornell
translated to German.

Ein Foto aus dem Rotterdamer Hafen zeigt eine Kompaßnadel, die das
Aussehen einer abgenutzten Rotunde oder militärischen Abschußrampe
Ehe die Erzschiffe auf den Atlantik hinaus entschwinden, korrigieren
sie ihre
Kompasse, indem sie diesen einsamen Vorposten umkreisen, der
Hilfe wie Mangel bedeutet.

In the second part of this presentation of Peter de Ru´s work, I will tell
you more about him and his current projects.

invited by ulf fagelhammar

Compass Dukdalf in Waalhaven

Ape in bar

Bargirl Café Maashaven

Late Afternoon

The Black Swan


Grain Bulk docks in Botlek


F said...

These photos are really special. "The Black Swan" is great!


Anonymous said...

I felt myself affected by the shipping photos, much more than pixels but a feeling. Great tonnage of steel moving with strength, power and purpose...thanks for sharing these!

Unknown said...

Great that you met Peter
-the other day- Ulf
Very interesting pictures
Late Afternoon is special for me

Anonymous said...

Some really great stuff here.

Anonymous said...

"The Black Swan" is my favourite, although the set is perfect. tells the stroey from A to Z with every interesting aspect, every delicate sense. great wow for it is a good journalism! and the swan really rocks!!!!!

F said...

-Oh...the sensation of the roaring sea in the first one really grips me! When it is that windy that the tips of the waves blows of and creates a aerosol in the air...and the massivness of the steel boats.

Great photos all of them!


Rhonda Boocock said...

such powerful work!!!

mats äleklint said...

Wonderful! Love it!

Jeanette said...

It´s with pleasure i´m looking at those photos.... so full of strength.


Unknown said...

this is a WOW discover !!
The "shadow" of my favourites photographer is here. Shadow in way because this hotos are so alive !
Thank You !

john strazza said...

extraordinarily fine images .. truly a pleasure to see ..

Anonymous said...

Great captures of reality, that can be, as shown through your eye, sad or joyfull, sweet or bitter...
Late afternoon is my fave.

Anonymous said...

fantastic works, pure pleasure of watching classic BW photography

Anonymous said...

pretty cool stuff here thank you!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just bring about this forum via google. Glad to join you. I came here to learn your language . thanks all.