25 August 2008

invited photographer: Tread

"..from a series of images captured in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Mexico a Mexican vacation spot once frequented by the Hollywood elite...now more for wealthy Canadians on tour boats. I purposely chose to not photograph the impoverished locals or day workers who make their livings based upon the tourist economy and instead just tried to capture moments that transcend locale and speak only of vacation for us members of the working class..."

Text and photos © Tread

Tread was first invited to the F Blog in June 2007. It is good to have him back. Please visit his blog and website for more. invited by ulf fågelhammar
web: www.gotreadgo.com
blog: gotreadgo.blogtog.com


GC said...

oh yes, some fine.

Anonymous said...

always good to see where you're going now Tread!

Anonymous said...

colours of Jalisco
bright and clear
good work

Anonymous said...

colours are beautifully vibrant and i like very much your approach to the subject

Mikael said...

Amazing pics, a bit surreal and fascinating!

Anonymous said...

fantastic pics :) i'm your fan now! best!